Sunday, 30 June 2013


1st attempt at this Spanish classic.

I made the soffrito first with a medium onion chopped, a medium red pepper diced and 2 garlic clove finely chopped. The onion was slowly sweated then the red pepper added until soft, the garlic next and finally skinned tomatoes. This was all bubbled down to a thickish sauce. I also added about a teaspoon of chili sauce- not an mega hot one but one with chipotles.

I used about 200gr chicken chopped to about 3/4-1 inch cubes and about 120 grams of raw prawns, 200gr of bomba paella rice and 400 ml of light fish stock with saffron added and a finger length of chorizo. I brined the chicken beforehand and then sprinkled with sweet paprika.
I also steamed a handful of green beens.

I chose to cook it on the BBQ as the Outdoor Chef with the funnel in the volcano position is ideal for that,18,21,25

I started off the chorizo and then added the chicken to colour up and cook through. I then reserved this and threw the rice in for a short moment before adding the soffrito and then the stock.I leveled this out and allowed to bubble for about 15 minutes before adding the chicken and chorizo. I know you are not supposed to stir it but I did anyway. I found I had to add hot water a couple of times to stop it drying too much and to cook the rice. I then placed the french beans on top and five minutes later added the raw prawns, turning them after 2 or 3 minutes.  I then took the pan off the heat, covered with foil and allowed to rest for 5 minutes or so before we dived in.

The quantity was sufficient for 2 or 3 depending how greedy you are. My daughter pronounced it 'awesome' and the best food she'd had all year.

I really must try and do more pictures but always get absorbed with the cooking and eating - however here is one after a few minutes of cooking:-

June 2014. OK!. I know a traditional Paella doesn't have chorizo  ..but I love it :-)