Sunday, 17 November 2013

Mackerel with garlic & paprika

This is a lovely and inexpensive meal.
I used 3 filleted mackerel for 2 people.

3 mackerel       
1/3rd butternut squash      
80 gr cous cous      
1 med red pepper      
1 small red onion    
Cut the butternut squash in approx 1 inch cubes, lightly coat in oil with a splodge of chili sauce. I used Rasta Fire which has pineapple and papaya in it as well as the habenero chilies making a gentle but flavoursome sauce.
Roast for about 35 minutes until soft.

Cover 80 grams of couscous with 145ml of boiling water seasoned with a bit of chicken or veg stock cube. Then mix in with roasted or fried chopped red pepper and red onion.

Crush a garlic clove with salt and pepper, add oil whilst still mixing and about a level teaspoon of paprika. Coat the flesh of the mackerel.

Fry quickly.

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