Sunday, 13 April 2014

Scotch eggs with chorizo

A few years ago I had a lovely Chideock Egg at The George Inn at Chideock and it has stuck in my memory. It was described as a chorizo scotch egg.

The other day, I suddenly had a fancy for a scotch egg. Here is what developed.

For 2 people (3 eggs) OK, we were going to have one each but...

3 medium eggs. Put in a pan of cold water, just covering, bring to a light boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the eggs into iced water. Sometime later, peel them. Much to my frustration, I have learnt that fresh eggs do not lend themselves to easy peeling.

I used 4 sausages ( approx 200gr?) which were red onion and sun ripened tomato but there must be lots of different varieties which could suit.
I finely chopped about 25 gram of chorizo finely chopped and mixed all together.

The rest is pretty standard as regards wrapping the mixture round the eggs  ( use 2 layers of cling film to roll out the mixture), flour egg, wrap meat round, flour, egg and breadcrumb (breadcrumb 2x if you like but I found it good with 1 layer).

Deep fry at 170c for 7 minutes and ENJOY!!!

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