Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chicken roast on root vegetables

As we are usually only 2, I halved a chicken although a spatchcocked chicken would suit for more.

A selection of root veg, chopped in chunks - I used potatoes, swede and carrot, garlic chopped and onion large chopped. Add the root veg etc to a pan and cover with water (season) or stock, beer or what you will. Add herbs - I used tarragon and thyme tied so it's easy to remove after. Put the chicken on top so that the skin is clear of the water. Roast at a fairly high temperature (about 200c fan) for about 45 minutes until the internal temperature is over 70c. It will continue to cook while resting.

While this is doing, cook some green veg e.g asparagus, beans, broccoli, peas and chill to keep the colour.

When the chicken is ready, remove it to a hot tray and add stock to the pan and boil down so the root veg is nicely soft and glazed. Stir in the green veg. Portion the chicken and served on top of the veg.

You MUST try this!

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