Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lamb Koftas

The day before yesterday, I had done a 14 hour sous vide lamb shoulder (63c) which was beautiful and as usual there was plenty left over. I froze some and kept some out to do some lamb Koftas.

Ingredients:   Cooked lamb, onion, some lamb gravy, chopped mint, egg, garlic, cous cous.

I finely chopped the onion and garlic. Unusually, I softened the onion in the microwave (not a fan of microwaves!) and then added the garlic to that to use the residual heat to just take the rawness off it. Blitzed the lamb in the food processor and added all the ingredients. I didn't add other herbs as the original joint was well seasoned with thyme and garlic. I added the cous cous gradually to allow it to soak up the juices until the mix was of form-able consistency. The mixture was then shaped into thick sausage shapes, covered and refrigerated to firm up.

I cooked them in a saute pan (which I covered to start with to help set the rolls)  for about 10 minutes until well coloured all over. Served them with asparagus and a mash of celeriac and butternut squash.

Conclusion:- Very nice but could have been a bit firmer.

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